What Our Clients Are Saying

Jasmin Craufurd-Hill

Director, The Institute of Regional Security

The coaching and mentoring I received from Abhinand has had a phenomenal impact on my ability to pursue meaningful growth in both my professional and personal life.
Prior to meeting him, I had begun a much-needed career change but lacked an effective process for meaningfully evaluating some of the opportunities that were available to me. Rather than focus on just identifying and evaluating them, Abhinand helped me to identify how different historical decisions, behaviours and traits had potentially limited and/or created future opportunities. This self-awareness and insight empowered me to pursue hitherto unknown challenges and opportunities which are bringing me both professional and personal satisfaction and are linked to a clear idea of who and what I want to develop into being. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I cannot recommend Abhinand highly enough.

Akshay Cherian

Founder, Business Sherpa

"Unlike most coaches who have a bias either to personal growth or performance, Abhinand is able to include both worlds with an astonishing level of grace and insight.

One of the many things I learned from him is that coaching isn't about fixing problems it's about creating bold, unlikely and deeply fulfilling futures, and the power of being true to what I say I'm committed to.

On the results front, our NGO Career Kraft doubled results within a few months, along with the culture shifting from one of tolerating and being community-oriented to one valuing performance.

We also created a dream of launching a mastermind program for entrepreneurs called Best Year Ever: He worked with us in creating a bold vision, one that required creativity in its truest sense.

We took on the challenge to enable organizations to hack challenges in their sector and grow at an accelerated pace as a result. He then coached us to work backward from the created future and anchored it in milestones. We are currently working with 8 entrepreneurs, producing terrific results with a lot less drama and lot more fulfillment. And what’s better? We hit our crazy growth targets 4 months in advance!

People who work with him aren't the same again, it's a turning point and I am proof of that!

Joshua Rozario 

Founder, Creatives that work

"We restructured our business to create recurring revenue that allows us to have a steady flow of income. We have also doubled our monthly billing in the last 4 months!

As a coach I find Abhinand to be extremely insightful yet practical. Coaching conversations with him always left me in a very empowered state. I highly recommend him to any entrepreneur looking at growing their business"



Design your ideal role, automate your business and leverage your unique strengths

Become agile and create opportunities instead of waiting for them

Make offers that are so compelling that clients can not refuse

Develop the mindset of a learner - bring awareness to the mindset in which we think and engage in a circular process of inquiry about our mindset, learning to develop new mindsets and new ways of being

Through language, you have the power to create new realities by declaring and creating new futures, secure the foundation on which the future is built and galvanise people to fulfil on the created future

Breakthrough results require getting clear about where to play and how to win, which is the essence of strategy

Innovation in being, thinking, structures and game design, coupled with coaching is what contributes to the player winning

What makes a real difference to the player's performance is accessing the way of being of the player as they perform through ontological and phenomenological coaching

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